How to use two-step authentication by SMS

How to use two-step authentication by SMS

As you know, Arengu is a platform that can help you to improve your customer onboarding process. You can use our Forms to generate as many forms as you want to control every sign-up form on your marketing strategy and also, you can use our Flows to define automatic processes of your business. To execute workflows both marketing and IT. For example, to do a two-step authentication.

So you can automate your email campaigns. SMS notifications and define API requests to third-party tools. The principal benefit of outsourcing the customer onboarding in an external tool is that you can focus your teams on improving your own platform and your core features.

In our blog, you can find lots of content about how to increase your conversion rate using the correct Form and the correct Flow. Uses cases on how to do that with our platform. In this post, we want to share with you one of the most useful ways on how to avoid fraud in lead generation.

Two-step authentication by SMS

According to Wikipedia Two-step authentication is a method of confirming a user’s. Claimed identity by utilizing something they know (password) and a second factor other than something they have or something they are. In this concrete case, their mobile phone.

If you work on a digital project you know how important is to generate leads for your business. Although not everything is worth in user acquisition. You need to focus on acquiring targeted users for your business and the most important thing, real users.

Fake users could represent a significative percentage of your total users. This kind of users only generates you vanity metrics and technical problems like email deliverability issues.

Use Arengu to verify a user with an SMS pin

If you need to verify a user, one of the best things to do that is with a text message sent it to your users at the moment of the process. This verification helps you to maintain a clean database of registered users that will perform better in your marketing campaigns.

The process is quite simple, users need to type a valid phone number in a Phone Field to introduce the PIN number that they will receive in their mobile phones. In this case, our phone field is able to verify if the number is correct and we usually use HLR verification in order to verify if the number really exists.

We have our own mobile network operator provider that allows us to verify mobile numbers around the world. But if you have your own provider you can integrate it in a simple way.

If so, they will go to the next step of the registration process where they will continue filling the form fields.


If not, they will have two attempts more to verify his phone number. You can define the number of attempts that block the process

two-step authentication

As you can see, there is a simple and effective way to verify users with a minimum cost. This two-step verification system can help you to focus your marketing efforts on the best-performing channels.  Start verifying users with Arengu now and keep your subscribers’ list as clean as a whistle.


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