The 5 best analytics tools for form-based companies

The 5 best analytics tools for form-based companies

Analyzing the performance of your forms is crucial to maintain a healthy online business. While intuition and personal experiences come in handy to design a good form, you should keep track of all your form events, performances and behavior to improve your conversion rates and compare your intuition with data.

Today, we explore some of the most popular analytics tool to measure form performance, so you can gather ideas and make the most of your Arengu forms.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is THE analytics tool and it needed to be first on our list, since it allows you to track and measure all important events and it is integrable with any form tool, website or app.

Using Google Analytics to measure form performance sheds light on data such as submissions, views and conversions, clicks on next steps, abandon rates, validation and errors happening, and much more. Plus, you can use it along with the Google analysis suite, like Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize. Since you'll be probably using it to track and measure your site, why not analyzing your forms too?

2. Hotjar

Hotjar is an analytics toolkit with many tracking and measuring features. Still, it is best known for measuring users' behaviour on sites, so you can analyze their journey and improve the UX, organization and CRO of your site (including forms).

Some of Hotjar's best known (and most useful) features are the heatmaps and the screen recordings. With them, you can explore the hottest spots on your site in terms of clicks or time spent there. This gives you advantageous information about the most relevant points on your website, CTA performance, and much more.

3. Zuko

Zuko is an analytics product, formerly known as Formisimo, that now focuses on analytics resources for forms. Being this specific, it doesn't come as surprise that it throws all the pertinent data on forms conversions.

Zuko's product offers general insights about the form performance, such as views, starters, completions, abandons, among others. Of course, you can compare metrics, see average numbers or track form events in a personalized way.

To be more precise, Zuko also allows you to see field metrics, like field abandon rates and field filling times, that come useful to check what fields present more friction and may be hurting your conversions.

4. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is an analytics complex that brings together some of the features we previously mentioned. Apart from throwing interesting data about your form's performance, it includes heatmaps, screen recording, and A/B testing. Its easy setup and its free trial are some interesting characteristics of this not-so-well-known analytics product.

5. Hubspot

Hubspot is a full stack of marketing tools, with a wide variety of services for marketing, sales and more. Its CRM is the most popular feature among marketers, allowing them to keep a register of their leads and sales with many useful details.

Apart from the CRM service, Hubspot has other services, such as a form builder and a form analytics tool. With its Analyze tab, you can keep track of views, conversion rates, submissions, funnels, and so on.

Integrating your analytics tool with your Arengu forms

As you already probably know, Arengu is a form builder but it's also way more than that. Thanks to its Flows section, you can add server-side logic to complement the form or integrate it with other tools you enjoy using.

Besides from this, you can of course integrate your preferred analytics tool with your Arengu forms. Track all your form events with an analytics tool to make the most out of them and get to know your submitters better.

Curious about Arengu? Register for free and start creating forms and obtaining the best results!


Ana Vilar García

Marketing Specialist at Arengu

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