Send a feedback survey to your customers

Send a feedback survey to your customers

Recently, we talked about how to verify users in your Sign-up process with a two-step authentication form and how this process prevents fake users to flood your customer database. Now We want to share with you one of the Best practices for online retailers. Send a feedback survey.

E-commerce has been reporting double-digit growth over the last years and big players like Amazon or Aliexpress has a large market share. Whether you sell in a marketplace or you have your own online store you need to focus on customer success to achieve one of the most important things in retail: Recurring purchases.

Recurrent purchases: the key to success in e-commerce

To have a significant percentage of recurring sales from the same people is one of the best healthy signs of your e-commerce. There are many ways to calculate that and different approaches based on time. If you want to learn more about repurchase rate we recommend you this post. As you know, it’s much easier to sell to an existing customer than to a new customer.

To achieve a good recurring purchase ratio you need to focus on your customer and you need to keep an eye on your marketing and communications campaigns. There are some good practices to do. Today we are going to talk to you about the Feedback Survey.

Did the product meet customer expectations? Is anything to do to improve customer experience? To answer to this questions you need to ask your customers and ask for feedback.

Automate feedback survey: Put your feedback on autopilot

It is very important to send this kind of communications at the propitious moment. Sending feedback request before the product is delivered is useless. You need to know that the product is delivered and the customer has been tried it. So, you will receive useful feedback from your customers and their purchasing experience.


To be sure that your product is delivered to your customers you have some options to do that. The simplest way is to schedule a delay of a few days from the purchase and send the feedback survey. The common way to do that is to send an email with a simple Quiz.

You can use a survey tool like SurveyMonkey or a Typeform Quiz. Another way to do it is through an SMS. Sending an SMS with the Quiz link of the purchase can help you to receive ‘instant’ feedback from your customers. Nowadays the SMS is one of the best channels to communicate in B2B2C.

Another way to automate the customer’s feedback Quiz is to connect the backend information of your logistics provider with your information systems and your marketing automation tool.  So you can send a trigger email, or an SMS with the quiz when the purchase is delivered.

Depending on your product and your specific needs you need to focus on one kind of questions or another. It is mandatory to do at least one question about Net promotion Score (NPS) in order to know if a customer will recommend you to a family or a friend.


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