Number of fields that maximize the conversion rate in a form

What to know: Forms are one of the best tools to generate leads. That’s why you should always look are always be looking for ways to improve your forms. Have you tried our Smart forms from Arengu? If not, I highly recommend doing so.  All I can say is you’ll fall in love. You’ll thank me later.

All the advantages they provide are just superb. Keep on trying to improve your conversion rate by, paying attention to the number of fields that maximize it. Don’t as too much. Be as concise and brief as possible. However, ask the right questions to collect all the info you can. Fear not! That’s why we are here, keep scrolling down to find out all you need to know about. ” The must-have fields you need on your form.”

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Fraud problems in forms: One of the main problems creating forms

As we commented previously, there are some good practices to increase your conversion rate in a form. Using multi-step forms is one of them. However, fraud and SPAM problems in forms do exist and are inevitable. In the online world, fraud issues can creep on you unexpectedly. That’s why users need to be careful with the data they share and the links they click.

Nowadays, navigating with a laptop is as risky as browsing with a mobile device. Identity theft, consumer frauds, and other types of crimes are on the rise. Sometimes they’re easy to identify, e.g., Try to avoid emails like when your bank sends an e-mail asking for your passwords using a different e-mail address. Yeah, no! Avoid these emails at all costs.

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Increase your conversion rate by using Multi-step forms

In another post, we were writing about forms in AMP as an excellent way to increase your conversion rate in a form. Now we are talking about Multi-step forms. From time to time you want to ask your users for many data across your forms. But, of course, they can feel overwhelmed when they see a long form to be completed and run the other direction.

You don’t want to reject the chance to get the info you need, but you don’t want them to run away. What can you do then? Multi-step forms are the key. If you want to create professional, smart forms,  try the smart forms at Arengu. You’ll love them as much as we do, and you will get a substantial amount of leads. Hereon you can find the advantages of the multi-step forms when it’s about increasing your conversion rate.

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Forms in AMP: A new way to generate leads faster

AMP Pages are a revolution in the online world. They load extremely fast on mobile devices. And this high speed involves multiple benefits, e.g., an increment of conversions and a positive ROI. Everybody knows that they monetize well and they’re easy to create and to manage.

That’s why they are highly used. Nowadays, AMP Pages also support forms. Would you like to add a form like no other to your website? Try Arengu SmarForms for free. They are a powerful tool to increase your conversions and generate the leads you want, among many other benefits. Here you can find all the info you need to know about forms in AMP! Continue reading to learn more. Continue reading

7 different types of forms you may know to increase conversions

It’s a fact: Forms are everywhere. As we told you recently, there are some tips to increase your conversion rate in forms. Now, You need to know the different types of forms. They are so common that you can find at least one form in almost every website. But, of course, all of them aren’t similar. They present different looks and different functions as well.

These type of forms are used to generate leads, to contact, to increase conversion rates, and so on. Depending on what you want to get with your form you should use one or another. Do you want to make them quicker and easier? Smart Forms are the key. Give them a try with the Arengu app. Let’s take a look at 7 different types of forms you can use on your website! Would you like to know how to get the most from them? Read on to learn more!

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