How to Incite Users to Give Personal Information on Forms

Asking users for personal information is a little tricky and definitely a challenge when you need them to complete a form. Most are not deliberately willing to hand out information because they’re afraid it’s a gimmick. However, if you ask the right way, and provide an indication of why you need that data, then maybe users will be prompted to share their personal information.

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18 Best Productivity Apps to Help You Save Time

Everyone says that we spend too much time on our phones instead of investing time in family and friends, work, hobbies, whatever real-life shenanigans people think is valid. And maybe they’re right! Time is golden, and we need to make the most of it.

Phones are a glorious gift from heaven because with all the new apps that have been released; there are tons of apps to help make our life easier. I mean…here at Arengu we try to use as many apps as possible to help us be more productive in less time.

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How Your Business Can Benefit From Having a Blog

It’s no big surprise that “blogs” are prominently on the rise and are notorious for capturing leads. Blogging is one of the best assets businesses can use to engage and ultimately make customers lives smoother. A blog can be used for whatever means necessary to inform readers and keep them in the loop, to guide readers with tutorials or infographics, or to express any opinions on any matter.

Check out Arengu’s blog to find out more tips and info on how to generate more leads to make any business succeed.

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