25 must-have plugins for a perfect WordPress site

25 must-have plugins for a perfect WordPress site

If you run a WordPress site, you probably know the importance of plugins. These complements help you build an efficient and rich page, and choosing the right ones can help you greatly in terms of speed optimization, saving resources or enhancing security, among others.

The plugin market is crowded with zillions of different plugins for different purposes. That's why we'd like to lend you a helping hand by listing the best WordPress plugins, organized into their correspondent categories.

The best WordPress plugins per category

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Analytics plugins
Form builder plugins
Marketing plugins
Page builder plugins
Security plugins
Search engine optimization plugins
Social media plugins

Analytics plugins

Keep your numbers at a glance with the best analytics plugins in the WordPress market. These are some of our favorites!

1. MonsterInsights Lite. MonsterInsights Lite is considered the best analytics plugin for WordPress. With it, you can easily connect your WP site with your Google Analytics. Plus, the main stats of your site will be available in your WordPress dashboard.

+25 plugins for WordPress - Analytics plugins
Source: MonsterInsights

2. ExactMetrics. Another interesting plugin for analytics purposes is ExactMetrics. With it, you can get interesting insights, such as e-commerce tracking or affiliate tracking, among othersevery . It is compatible with most of other WordPress plugins and tools, such as Google Optimize, Yoast, WooCommerce, etc.

Form builder plugins

Almost every webpage displays at least one form: contact forms, login or signups, checkouts, newsletter subscriptions... Build them right to optimize your funnel to the fullest.

3. Arengu. THE tool to build forms not only allows you to build any kind of form, but also the server-side logic for them. With Arengu you can create signup, login, or passwordless forms for your WordPress site in minutes.

The best plugins for WordPress - Form Builder Plugin
Arengu: Forms & Flows builder
Best WordPress plugins - form builder
Arengu plugin: Build signup, login and passwordless forms

4. Contact Form 7. If you're just looking to build a contact form, you can use the Contact Form 7 plugin. Even though it is limited to this particular use case, it is well-reviewed by WordPress users.

5. WP Subscribe. This plugin helps you build a small form for newsletter subscription. It works as a widget that you can place wherever you want and it is compatible with Aweber, Mailchimp and FeedBurner.

Marketing plugins

In order to complement your site, these plugins help you automate certain actions or execute marketing campaigns. These are particularly useful!

6. HubSpot. This plugin allows you to connect your Hubspot account with your WordPress site. It allows you to use certain features, like the CRM, email marketing and analytics features.

7. WooCommerce. If you're building an e-commerce WordPress site, you should include the WooCommerce plugin in it, regardless of the sector you're in. WooCommerce allows detailed personalization and includes every feature needed in an online business. Plus, you can start using it for free and start paying when your e-commerce has taken off.

8. RafflePress. Raffles and giveaways are a common and successful kind of marketing campaign. With this plugin, you can create specific landing pages and raffles for your WordPress site. In addition, it includes certain security measures, like one-time votes. You can integrate it with other marketing tools and social media, and it is intuitive and easy to use.

Best plugins for WordPress sites
Source: RafflePress

Page builder plugins

If you're building a webpage from scratch or if you simply need some complements for it, these plugins may come in handy.

9. WP Notification Bars. Notification bars can be used to promote social media, to subscribe users to a newsletter, display a countdown for a special offer... There are unlimited options and you can build them all with the WP Notification Bar plugin. Easily add any bar to your page with your own brand design with this plugin.

10. Beaver Builder. In order to create your WordPress site, a drag-and-drop builder is the best option if you don't have coding skills. The Beaver Builder plugin helps you create landing pages and websites without a single line of code.

11. WPML. If you're running a multi-lingual site, this is your plugin. Easily manage different languages without messing your WP site. Simply add a page in the target language by clicking above each country flag. It's compatible with most themes and plugins, and it's free!

12. LiveChat. Connect your customers with your business simply by using a chat plugin. The LiveChat plugin allows you to display a support chat for your customers. You can easily build it, translate it and display it in multiple websites.

Must have plugins WP - Live chat
Source: LiveChat

Security plugins

WordPress sites require an extra layer of security that you can easily add with an efficient plugin. These are the best-reviewed WordPress plugins in terms of security.

13. iThemes Security. With the Pro version of iThemes Security, you can have access to certain professional features that can enhance the security in your WP site. Two-factor authentication, password expiration, secret keys, or reCAPTCHAs are some of the features you can add with this plugin.

14. UpdraftPlus. Preventing attacks shouldn't be your only concern when running a WP site. Storing backup copies of your pages is crucial in case you need to restore all the work you've done in your site. The UpdraftPlus plugin allows easy restoration and it is a fast and high-rated solution for backup copies.

Best plugins WP- Backup copies in WordPress
Source: UpdraftPlus 

15. Sucuri. To avoid malware and any type of attack to your site, the Sucuri plugin is a helpful firewall. Sucuri promises to get rid of present attacks and prevent new ones. The only con of this plugin is that it is not for free.

SEO plugins

These plugins help you develop different SEO-friendly actions, such as improving redirections, fix broken links or improve page speed.

16. Yoast SEO. If we have to choose a top 5 of plugins for WordPress of all categories, Yoast SEO will be for sure in this listing. Every online business or platform should take good care of its search engine optimization, and Yoast helps you a great deal with this task. With it, you can optimize every aspect of the on-page SEO — meta titles, meta descriptions, link management, permalinks, etc.

Must have plugins in a WordPress site - Yoast SEO
Source: Yoast SEO

17. Google XML Sitemaps. For a stronger SEO strategy, the Google XML Sitemaps help you create XML sitemaps, so crawlers detect your page structure in an easier and faster way. This has a direct impact in your SEO rankings, and that's probably why this plugin has been listed as one of the best plugins for WordPress!

18. Broken Link Checker. If you'd like to focus on broken links and easily detect 404 errors in your WordPress page, this plugin may help you a lot. Thanks to the Broken Link Checker plugin, you can automatically detect every broken link and fix it in the same panel, without having to go through every page.

19. Redirection. Broken redirections greatly hurt your page speed, not to mention user experience. If you're running a medium-large WP site, you will end up needing a plugin like this one. The Redirection plugin automatically detects broken links and help you manage 301 redirections in a fast and friendly way.

20. W3 Total Cache. In order to reduce your WordPress loading times, download the W3 Total Cache plugin. It improves the page speed dramatically, which directly impacts on your SEO rankings and conversion rates.

21. WP-Optimize. If your WordPress site has a vast database, this kind of plugin will automatically execute certain optimization tasks. WP-Optimize automatically cleans up your database by deleting spammy comments, compressing images or cache your pages. This helps you save tons of time and improve the page speed and its performance overall.

22. Smush. If you wish to focus simply on compressing images, you can choose the Smush plugin instead. Smush will compress and reduce the size of every image in your WordPress site so you can forget about this tedious task.

Image compressor for WordPress - Best WP plugins
Source: Smush

Social media plugins

Embedding a social feed or adding social media sharing buttons to your site may make a difference. These are the best WordPress plugins when it comes to social media. Sharing is caring!

23. BuddyPress. This plugin allows you to build your own social network, since it includes the main features of any type of social media. Build your own communities by allowing your users to log in, have private conversations and much more.

24. Shared Counts. Displaying social media buttons in your blog helps you reach new followers and build bigger communities. The Shared Counts plugin offers great, modern design for your social media buttons, and you can select different options for their placement. Plus, it doesn't use cookies or storage users' data.

25. Smash Balloon. In order to embed a social media feed in your WP site, you need a plugin like Smash Balloon. With it, you can use a short code to display Instagram pictures and engage your audiences, without coding or maintenance time.


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