How data enrichment can help you to qualify prospects

How data enrichment can help you to qualify prospects

Nowadays companies are focused on optimizing their resources. In a global market where both customers and competition are two-clicks far away is very important to nail your processes and your structures sharpen.

Regarding tech companies, there are many solutions that can help to optimize lots of processes in marketing, operations, and sales.  Today we are going to talk about Data Enrichment and how can help you to qualify prospects from your contact form.

What is Data enrichment

Let's start by the beginning. according to Red points global "Data enrichment is defined as merging third-party data from an external authoritative source with an existing database of first-party customer data. Brands do this to enhance the data they already possess so they can make more informed decisions." Or what is the same, to try to enrich your data with third-party Datasets.

There are different companies enriching data from third-parties datasets but we want to spot on Clearbit. Clearbit provides powerful products and data APIs to help your business grow. Contact enrichment, lead generation, financial compliance, and more.

What fields can we enrich with Clearbit?

The best way to enrich data from an email is when the email is a corporate one. Clearbit can enrich free domain providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc but is working better through emails like [email protected]

But… what kind of Data we can enrich and what fields we are able to run up? As a general rule Clearbit can enrich among others,  the following fields starting from a corporate domain or email: Address. Name, legal name, ticker, founded year, type, employees, annual revenue, description, location, technologies, used technologies, Crunchbase, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook…

The most interesting part by our side is that you can manage all of this info through API, so you can move Clearbit info to third-party platforms like your CRM or in this case, to send it to Arengu in order to enrich your form submissions.

Using Arengu to enrich your form submissions and receive a slack notification

Imagine that you are the CMO/CSO of a software company and you want to distribute the leads which you are collecting in your web through your sales team based on targeting rules. The number of employees, revenue... In order to choose the right expertise for that account: SDR, Account Manager or VP of sales. How can do that?

  1. Sign up at Arengu for free here
  2. Create a new form for your campaign. We recommend using a simple one with only the email field in order to increase your conversion rate.

3. Now is the moment to start an integration flow to configure our form with the API of Clearbit in order to enrich our submissions. Press click on "Triggers" and select the form that you want to enrich. In this case, the form is called "Test Clearbit"

4. And select the option of "Find person and company by Domain" of our Clearbit integrations. in this section you can add an Alias to describe this step of the flow.

5. Configure the step settings with your Clearbit Data (from your Clearbit's panel) and reference the email variable choosing it from the Dropdown. Remember to do a submission of your form to activate the autocomplete of variables.

6. Add another step to your flow and select the option "Send a Slack message" You'll need an incoming Webhook from your Slack Workspace to configure this point.

7. Now is the moment to link up the variables form Slack to Arengu. To do that you need to review the received Data from this execution and select the fields that you want to show in your slack message. Here you go an example of some fields that you can enrich with Clearbit

Finally (fingers crossed!) If the flow it has been realized correctly you got it! You'll have a form with Clearbit's Data enrichment which will publish in your Slack channel enriched information about the submission.

And here is the info that you'll receive on Slack

Remember that you can add more information on your submission and you can embed your form in your website pasting one-line code.


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