Create the perfect contact form for WordPress

Create the perfect contact form for WordPress

At Arengu, we help build all type of forms, and we provide the tools so you can build various forms for all purposes. One of the most common forms for WordPress form plugins is the contact form. Makes sense. Contact forms are one of the most necessary forms out there because they truly capture valuable information your audience wants to share with you (the creator of the site).

Almost every site you visit has a contact form. And if they don’t, then I don’t know in what world they live in, probably the 1900s (before the internet even existed). A contact form is a must to keep up with today’s world. Especially, to know what interests your users have and to listen to what they have to say.

There are different types of contact forms. Each form is the identity of the site it’s plugged into. So how exactly does one create the perfect contact form for WordPress to boost conversions-keep on reading and find out how!

Start by asking the right questions

Ask your visitors the right questions. But start with thinking about what type of forms you would like to fill out and what contact form will grab your attention. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors. Try to think about what they would like to see on the contact form. I’m sure there have been plenty of times when you visit a site, and they don’t have a contact form or their form is so dull, it makes you not want to give it the time of day.

If you already have a contact form, take a good look at it, observe it and ask yourself *what am I missing? Or perhaps you’re asking irrelevant questions, and that’s why your visitors never seem to use your form.

Be mindful of how you are asking questions. Don’t be too blunt. If you need to get information from the user, warm them up to the actual question. For instance, if you need to find out if the user has a salary- don’t ask what is your salary- try going with- do you have a salary higher than xxxx amount? With this method, the user might be more inclined to answer as opposed to writing down their exact salary. This allows the client to trust and rely on your discretion.

Also, make sure you’re asking the right questions. If you are receiving questions-What are they asking? Are you asking that on your contact form? If not, you might want to consider asking questions that your users will be interested in. It only makes sense to ask what you are being asked for. Especially, if you are constantly receiving these questions elsewhere.

Add conditional logic

Well, that’s where conditional logic comes into play. With conditional logic, you can configure the form to ask the right questions for you. Depending on what users answer on the previous question, with this tool the questions are personalized based on the questions answered before the next (if it makes any sense haha). The client will be blown away by how relevant the questions being asked are.

Like mentioned before, it’s pivotal to add a contact form to your WordPress site. Through this way, you help make things smoother for your users. Plus, you can ask all sorts of questions on your contact form. For instance, if you have a restaurant- the ideal thing to ask is for what date and time would you like to reserve a table and for a party of how many? Always keep in mind of what the user might want to ask you-so save them the time and get a head start.

Style it up

Now that we’ve got questions covered, like what type of questions you need to ask. Let’s take a look at styling the form. Style is essential for everything you do, be it forms, site, etc. It’s the eyes to the soul. It’s the way you grab visitors attention.

For the most part, your contact form should follow the same pattern as your WordPress site. Blending is essential so that its cohesive with the rest of your page. It would not look aesthetically pleasing if it didn’t blend with your website.

Arengu forms are what you need! When you embed our forms into your site, your CSS is automatically injected into the form, adopting the style you have on your site. We aren’t kidding! This really works like magic!

However, if you wish to have a different form style, with Arengu forms, this can be possible as well. If you want the perfect design, you simply alter the HTML and CSS and create your own style to fit your needs.

If you wish to change the style of your form, make subtle changes that feel natural, different, yet in some way, it correlates with your site. You want the form to have a personality similar to what you are trying to portray. But hey! As long as you are happy with the changes, that’s all that should matter.

Utilize submission confirmations

Keep your customers informed with a well-crafted submission confirmation. This is great to keep your users informed of when they should hear back from you and notify them of their submission. Confirmations are good, so the user is not left wondering whether you received their inquiry or not. Plus, this is a good practice to follow to improve your image, as well as this allows users to warm up to you and to feel more important.

With this course of action, you can give additional information to your users in case they don’t hear from you. You can also set an expectation and time frame of when they will hear from you or link other information that can immediately answer any doubts they might have.

Submission confirmations are a great way to build rapport with your users, so make sure you include this. With Arengu, you can tailor your message however you want. Make sure to check out our forms and play around with the submission confirmation.

Respond ASAP

Nothing is as important as giving your visitors a timely mannered response to clear any doubts. Even if you are getting an influx of inquiries, nothing matters if you don’t reply. All of your efforts and hard work would be for nothing. Especially when you have such big shoes to fill in, people expect a company to answer promptly.

Such actions can have a negative impact on a business. Replying quickly to customers is substantial to keep them happy. With Arengu, you will get an alert when someone immediately fills out a form. This helps you keep track of your inbox and reply ASAP.

Remember: people are always in a hurry. Therefore, they want their uncertainties resolved rapidly. Let’s say you have a shipping company and someone asks you how much is it to ship overseas in XXX state. That same person also contacts your competitor. However, you take 2 days to reply, while your competitor answers in 2 hours. Who would they most likely ship with? Obviously, your competitor for taking advantage of the situation and exceeding the customer’s expectations.

You need to impress your customers. For this reason, it’s is essential to pay attention to notifications. When you use Arengu, we notify via email and the platform to inform you when someone has submitted a contact form.

Track your audience

Lastly, know who are the people visiting your site and why. If you have made any changes to your contact form, is it working? Are you still driving in traffic?

Tracking your traffic is crucial to know how your site is performing and what your visitors’ are looking for. Contact forms help make this easier, as you can track who completes your forms, how many people fill out the form, and how many people see the form.

It’s imperative that visitors’ see your form, but even more critical, for them to fill it out and submit a contact form. It’s not always about how many people see the form, but how many submit it.

To get a better understanding of how your form is working, you can also track those who see your form and those who start the form and then abandon it. You can also see in what particular field they stop at and why. Analyzing this data will help you make better adjustments to your form so it can have a positive impact.

Follow all these suggestions, and you are bound to have one impressive contact form to generate more leads. Just like everything, having multiple approaches can significantly boost your visibility and success. Arengu forms are here to help you create the best contact form ever and to help you keep track of your audience.

Download our WordPress plugin here.


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