Automate your sales pipelines with a powerful smart form

Automate your sales pipelines with a powerful smart form

Optimizing your sales pipeline translates into better numbers for your business as well as better communication among your team members. Did you know you can automate and optimize it just by using a smart form?

Smart forms are a tremendously powerful tool. Not only they carry important information about your leads, but they can also help you automate additional actions that help you optimize resources.

For instance, you could trigger different actions if your users are marketing-qualified leads (MQL) or sales-qualified leads (SQL), and refine the way you interact with them. How? Today we show you how to build an automated sales pipeline with Arengu, by using conditional logic and data enrichment.

What is a sales pipeline?

A sales pipeline is a representation for a purchase process. It is formed by different stages that cover all the phases of the transaction— from prospects to final purchase. Sales pipelines help teams visualize the process, since the beginning of the process until the final conversion to sales.

Sales pipelines may have different steps, depending on the business area, business model, objectives, etc. Still, some basic phases may be common to many different businesses.

How to automate a form-based sales pipeline?

Here, we will cover different aspects that may be common to different business, simply by using a smart form.

Arengu is a low-code tool to build forms and flows, in order for you to have a smart form in no time and without coding skills. You can create smart forms with powerful features with a simple editor. Plus, you can also automate actions after the form is submitted. We'll show you how!

If your business needs any kind of form to convert users into customers, you can use Arengu too! Either if you need a lead acquisition form, a payment form, a newsletter subscription form or a simple signup form, you can automate the sales process in a quick and efficient way. And without coding!

1. Build a lead generation form

We'll go through an example that starts with a lead acquisition form. Yet, remember you can use Arengu's forms for practically any use case you can imagine.

Automate your sales pipeline with Arengu's smart forms. Lead generation forms

Go to forms, and click on 'Create a form'. You will see different template options. You can click on 'Lead qualification form', and you'll have your rich smart form in no time! Even if you choose a template, remember you can modify every bit of your form: add more fields, add different actions, delete existing flows, and so on and so forth.

Lead acquisition smart form with flows and automatic sales pipeline

Use the drag-and-drop forms editor to add different fields. Click on the fields to modify the texts, add placeholders, or change the field's ID. Modify everything you need, and then you'll be ready to jump to the next step!

2. Get qualified leads with an email verification form

Go to the Forms > Flows to have an overview of your form and the flows that are connected to it. There you will see the stages of your form, and you can click on the flow you want to edit.

As you can see, this template includes two different flows. The first one is an email verification action, that comes in handy for lead acquisition platforms. This action will verify the email address, so your database doesn't get spam accounts, bots, or fake emails.

Lead generation form with automated sales pipeline

Once you're on the flow you'd like to edit, you will see a diagram with all the actions contained on the flow.

  • Verify email address. This action will filter email addresses based on your own preferences. The default options include three out of four verification rules, but you can check or uncheck boxes based on your needs.
    This action will clean up your database. This way you can be sure you're getting real users, instead of unqualified leads.
    If you want to add a more sophisticated email verification system, you can add one-time passwords to your forms too.
Arengu's smart form flow - Email verification for lead acquisition forms
  • Input value mapping. This action will map the boxes you checked on the previous action, and it will match them with different messages. Not sure how to reference values in Arengu? Don't worry! If you chose a template, the value fields will be automatically filled in, and you won't have to modify anything if you don't want to.
Arengu's smart form flow - Email verification for lead acquisition forms
  • If/then condition. This action will execute different messages, depending on the result of the verification process.
  • Submit the form & Show error message. When the set conditions are met, the form will be submitted. If not, you can use the 'Show error message' action.

3. Enrich leads' data with Clearbit

Arengu doesn't only allow you to add actions to the forms, but you can also add logic after the form is submitted. In this use case, you'll have a second flow, containing different actions that will be executed after the form is submitted, and that will help you automate your sales pipeline.

The first action here is 'Find person and company by email', a Clearbit native action.

Clearbit is a data provider that will scan your leads' information in order for your business to enrich its database. Thanks to it, you can enrich your contacts' data, improve your lead generation system, and comply your financial objectives.

Arengu's smart form flow - Enrich lead data with Clearbit data provider

If you use other data providers, you can also add them. Even if you don't see a native action, you can always build an HTTP request to call your API provider.

4. Send data to your CRM

As we said, even when choosing a template, you will still be able to add or remove actions. In this case, we'll add an extra action that comes in handy for this use case: 'Create or update contact in Hubspot'.

Hubspot is a wide-known company that includes CRM services. Thanks to this native action, you can automatically update your list of contacts. All you have to do is fill in all the mandatory fields, like the API field (that you will find in your Hubspot account).

Plus, remember to fill in the email field (required), by using the drop-down menu and selecting the email field from the correspondent form's input.

Additionally, you can enter contact properties, that will reflect other contact information in your CRM, if you display additional fields for this purpose. Fill them by adding a given name and a reference, by selecting the proper input form the form.

Again, if you use a different CRM provider, you can still create your own action with an HTTP request. You can connect your smart form with any other providers, as long as they have an API.

Automate sales pipeline with smart forms - Create lead contact with Hubspot

5. Notify your team via internal communications tools

Notifying relevant team members is helpful in terms of internal communication and optimization of the sales pipeline. You can apply conditional logic to shape up different strategies. For instance, you can trigger different communications action if your lead are marketing-qualified leads or sales-qualified leads.

Use the 'Send a Slack message' action to automatically send Slack notification to channels or team members of your choice. You will find the Webhook URL in your Slack account, once you create an incoming webhook in your Slack workspace.

Automatic sales pipeline - Automatic lead Slack notifications

Slack is the #1 tool for business internal communications. This workspace allows you to have different channels to communicate with your team members, as well as private chats to communicate with individual team members. Slack allows you to receive automatic notifications — for instance, every time you get a new lead.

As you can see in the image below, this action sends information about the lead to the relevant team member. You can include all the fields that are necessary for your business. In this case, this automatic form template includes data such as name, email, company, website, industry category, employees range, annual revenue and additional comments.

All this data has been gathered in the previous action ('Find person and company by email with Clearbit') and now it's being sent via Slack to the right channel or team member.

To add different fields, just click on 'Add new item', name it as you like and include the correspondent reference. To do so, click on the '+' symbol and you will see all the references gathered with your smart form. Other useful data may include country, IP or user's ID, among many others.

Automatic sales pipeline - Automatic lead Slack notifications

If your team doesn't use Slack as a communication tool, you can also use other collaboration hubs. Build an HTTP request and call its API. You can also choose to send this information via email, with a MailJet or SendGrid native action, or with an HTTP request calling your email provider's API.

In a nutshell

Automating your sales pipeline with a smart form is simpler and quicker that you may have thought! Plus, you don't have to add any additional services to your tool portfolio. You can simply centralize all different tools in Arengu and call them from there.

Arengu's smart forms are a potent way to save resources, mainly development time. Give it a try for free and let us know your opinion! We're looking forward to helping you with your next form.


Ana Vilar García

Marketing Specialist at Arengu

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