Application forms: The secret weapon for recruiters

Application forms: The secret weapon for recruiters

You may think that completing forms during your job search is a waste of time. But in some business sectors, application forms are preferred rather than the regular CV format.

The reason is simple: submission forms are far more rigid and provide more specific information from candidates. They help recruiters to get the answers to the questions they want and review the details significantly faster.

In addition, they guarantee consistency and allow real-time tracking and classification of the captured data that the company can later use to create databases, conduct statistical studies or reports.

Application forms save time

According to a study by Xerox, the use of digital submission forms saves companies up to 11 hours of time per week. It is considered a more efficient and accurate process for collecting information.

The digitization of flows of data is now focused on mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets to further increase the productivity of the organizations and make every task easier.

Here are some tips that will help you to successfully complete application forms online:

Keywords. If you have previously worked in the position that you are applying for, make sure you provide key information. Pertaining to the role in a few words. In-demand skills, abilities, and knowledge. Why? Because the form is probably going to be downloaded into a computer program that has filters and in which you can search and extract targeted information. And, of course, you want to be found more times than other candidates.

Answer all questions. In big organizations, many application forms want to dig deeper into your values and merits. They tend to include competency questions such as ‘reasons why you are a suitable candidate for the role’. Take the time and effort to write creatively and answer all the questions in a clear and concise manner.

Forms can be used to evaluate skills

Spelling and grammar. Recruiters also use forms to evaluate attention, personal motivation and essential writing skills including punctuation, spelling, and grammar. This is why is so important to double-check your form for errors before sending it out.


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