7 different types of forms you may know to increase conversions

7 different types of forms you may know to increase conversions

It’s a fact: Forms are everywhere. As we told you recently, there are some tips to increase your conversion rate in forms. Now, You need to know the different types of forms. They are so common that you can find at least one form in almost every website. But, of course, all of them aren’t similar. They present different looks and different functions as well.

These type of forms are used to generate leads, to contact, to increase conversion rates, and so on. Depending on what you want to get with your form you should use one or another. Do you want to make them quicker and easier? Smart Forms are the key. Give them a try with the Arengu app. Let’s take a look at 7 different types of forms you can use on your website! Would you like to know how to get the most from them? Read on to learn more!

Account signup forms

All of us have filled out this kind of form. These types of forms are the ones we must fulfill to have an account. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are good examples of platforms where you must fill out an account signup form in-order to start your account. The function of these kinds of forms is collecting user registration data right before giving access to exclusive contents. They are very common in social media websites. But not only there! Some companies and other sites also require memberships. For instance, you can use them if you want to share particular content with specific users or if you want your clients to have an account on your website. Here you can find some suggestions to make them more appealing:

  • Make the signup easy: If you do it difficult, your users will probably run away. Users want to enjoy your exclusive content as soon as possible. Two required fields in every account signup form are the user’s e-mail and password. Consider the possibility of social media login to make it faster.
  • Make its design really big: Taking into account that some users will use the mouse** to fill out your form**, bigger fields are an excellent choice to make the fulfilling easier. These types of forms will thank you.
  • Use a single column to ask for their data: Only one column is easier to follow and to complete.

Contact form

Contact forms are one of the quickest ways users have to get in touch with your company. But these types of forms are also one of the most critical areas of your website as users will use them to communicate directly with your company. So let’s talk about how to make the most of your contact form?

  1. Let them choose the department they want to talk to: Give them the possibility to select the department they wish to contact: Sales, customer care, or general information. This will make the process easier.
  2. Ask for their email and phone number: These are useful details to contact them and to generate leads as well.
  3. Explain the reasons why they should contact you: Incite users to contact you explaining why this is a good idea.
  4. Don’t forget the CTA: Offer them the possibility to keep interacting with your website in case they don’t want to fill out the form.
  5. Add valuable info about your company: Your last posts and the links to your social media accounts must be present.
  6. Add a thank-you page: This must appear after filling out the form.

Newsletter signup forms

Other types of forms are newsletter signup forms. E-mails are the new standard way of mailing. Nowadays, people usually prefer to receive an e-mail with info instead of a letter. So when you want to communicate your news to your customers, Keep in mind they are a potent tool. Companies are aware of this, so most of them send their customers newsletters.

This way, hundreds of newsletters might be invading the customer’s inbox right now. Taking into account this scenario, how could you persuade them to sign up for your newsletter? Before getting there, let’s analyze their concept. They are quite simple and only require one or two fields top to submit. Users express that they want to keep in touch with your brand and receive your content on a regular basis through newsletter signup forms.

So, of course, a newsletter is an excellent channel concerning marketing communication. Newsletters are a fantastic tool to engage users and keep them informed about your news. Every news. Even your new services and products, your offers, your special discounts… Let’s go back to how to get the most of your newsletter signup forms:

  • Offer something unique and attractive in return for submitting: It can be an exciting discount on their first purchase, a free test product, a discount on your online store, an intriguing e-book… And promote your offer through your newsletter signup form.
  • Opt for minimalism: Don’t overwhelm your users with plenty of elements. Choose the right amount to keep it attractive and functional. One or two types of colors, graphics and fonts are enough.
  • Choose the right position: The very top of your page, the very bottom and within your sidebar are excellent locations to attract attention to your form.
  • Images and graphics are useful: They are utterly helpful in leading attention directly to the form.
  • A powerful CTA: Encourage their submissions by adding an inciting CTA by using the right style and message.
  • Offer your users options: You can let them choose which kind of newsletter they want to receive. Integrate your choices into your design.
  • Make your form pop: Put your form in a popup window to definitely grab their attention, breaking up the website design in an elegant way.

Online order form

The order form is the one that closes the deal on your online store. This type of form is the final step of the purchase. So it must be evident to give no room for doubt. If your order form is messy, users don’t know what they have to do, or they don’t trust it, they’ll probably give up their purchase. This process must be as comfortable and convenient as possible. We want to provide some tips to make them more useful:

  • Add an actual picture of the product: This image can eliminate any misunderstandings related to the orders, refunds, and disputes. For instance, if you offer your product in different colors, it’s better to display a picture of the product in every color instead of making them choose by words.
  • Give them the chance to do everything right in the order form: This includes the payment option. You can do it simply by adding a payment field.
  • Automatic calculations: The easier you present the purchase to your users, the bigger success your store will have. Add a formula field that calculates the amount of their purchase to your form. Don’t forget the currency options!
  • Remember the address field: Undoubtedly, this is one of the must do’s in your form.
  • Offer them a unique ID related to their purchase: This unique ID will be useful to follow the status of their purchase or to ask any question related to it.

Contest registration form

Users love getting free gifts. And the possibility of getting free gifts. That’s why raffles and contests are so frequent. These types of forms are great captivating users and extremely useful to generate leads. They increase the engagement of potential customers, your social media fan base, and your brand awareness.

But, overall, they are an amazing tool to collect data. Contest marketing means that users provide data in exchange for an opportunity to win a prize. Read on to make your contest registration forms even better:

  1. Make a clear offer: Describe your contest and the reward as succinctly as possible. This description will persuade users to fill out your form with their e-mail address and their data.
  2. Offer an obvious path to fulfill the form: The path from the first field to the submission button must be easy to follow and complete.
  3. Ask only what you need to know: Don’t take the risk of asking too many questions. Focus your effort on the necessary info to participate and engage with the info you need for your marketing strategies.

Donation forms: One of the most important types of forms

Some nonprofit initiatives need online fundraising. Donation forms are the best option in this case. It is one of the most essential types of forms if you are going to use them, remember that their objective is to get donations from users. So they must be easy to complete. How can you increase the success of your donation form?

  • Add an internal assessment to your form: An interview explaining why they should make an online donation to your organization, or a video explaining the donation process, adding the feedback from other donors is an excellent way of persuading others to donate.
  • Take into account their contact preferences: Ask users if they want to be contacted by e-mail or by phone. Respect this decision when you ask for contact data, e.g., don’t ask for their phone number if they have mentioned they prefer the e-mail option.
  • Segment your donors: Adapt the type of communication, your messages and other relevant options taking into account their profiles and preferences.
  • Try to ask only for the following data: First name, Surname, e-mail address and phone number. Billing and credit card info must also be included.
  • Send them a thank-you message: This message can be sent by e-mail or appear on the screen right after their donation.

Smart forms

And last but not least SmartForms. These types of forms are a technological revolution in the world of forms. Their process relies on real-time answers to previous questions to decide the right following one. They skip the sections that are not important or not applicable to the current user. This way, SmartForms only show relevant questions considering the answers.

So in case, a user answers ‘no’ to a question like ‘Are you married?’, Other questions regarding that question won’t appear. Apart from this unusual feature, they can do other interesting things. One of them is auto-filling information from external sources. Another one is validating answers through masks and pre-set validation rules.

They can also create different ways of asking questions like type an answer, multiple choice, select various options, choose a picture, move a slider, fill-in-the-blank, choose from a drop-down… And many others! On the other hand, SmartForms are also useful to collect data and convert them into the format you prefer. How can you improve them?

  1. Display shorter forms for Mobile users: Offer them a form that is easy to fill using a smartphone. This way, the form that is displayed on a conventional website and the one shown on mobile devices are usually slightly different.
  2. Localize their language: SmartForms can display the very same form in different languages taking into account the user’s country. Use this option to increase engagement.
  3. Ask more targeted questions: Don’t settle for general info. As the user is taking more action on your website, ask them more relevant questions.
  4. Use Arenguto help you: Our app will help you get the most of your SmartForms. Try it for free!

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