10 tips to increase your conversion rates in landing pages

10 tips to increase your conversion rates in landing pages

Recently, we wrote about how to increase your conversion rate in a form. Today we are going to share 10 tips to increase your conversion rate in landing pages. You are fighting for it. You are trying your best to increase your conversion rates in your landing pages. However, your efforts don’t seem to be enough. Of course, you know that your form is the key to your landing page and yet, you can’t get the most out of it.

The smart forms from Arengu are precisely what you’re looking for! They help aid with generating more leads, enrich your data and automate your workflows. Do you need extra help? Here you can find 10 practical ways to increase your conversion rates in your landing pages once and for all.

Make your users fall in love at first sight

Do you want your users to stay on your landing page? Then focus your efforts on grabbing their attention from the very first moment. Your landing page must look attractive to them. It must be clear, transparent and harmonious. They need to feel comfortable reading it, and maybe then they’ll fill out your form. And the major sections you want them to view must be viewable without scrolling down.

Prevent overwhelming users by avoiding too much text or unclear sections. Remember that clarity is the keyword regarding your landing page. Nevertheless, don’t forget the power of images. They are a super helpful tool to lead users to take action, as they have the ability to bring out the necessary emotions to do it.

Base your decisions on what you want as a user

You are working in the marketing area, and sometimes it seems difficult to make decisions. What about reversing the roles? Instead of thinking like the owner of the landing page, think like a user. Take into account what you like about the landing pages you find, what you appreciate, what you dislike, what makes you stay. Get in their shoes.

Making decisions will be much easier if you do it this way. And always remember your target to tailor your landing page to them. Consider that clients like landing pages which use the customer’s language and speaks directly to them. Sale pitches and buzzwords might scare them away. Encourage them to click.

Opt for an isolated landing page

Remember: The primary purpose of your landing page is filling out the form. The rest of the distractions that might appear there are leftovers. Here you have some interesting “don’ts” to follow: Don’t distract your users: Keep them focused on the objective of your landing page.

  • Don’t add unnecessary links, a distracting site navigation of different buttons or elements to click on: Keep their attention on your CTA. A clear CTA.
  • Don’t confuse users publishing multiple offers: Focus your landing page on only one suggestion or one solution. It is easy for users to know precisely what they have to do and to get them to complete the task if you do it this way.

Do your best to optimize your form

Keep in mind that the unique objective of a landing page is to capture the contact details of users. Users won’t give their contact details to anyone. They need to trust your form before sharing this info. Here you have some interesting tips to take into account to increase your conversion rates with your forms:

  • Users are more willing to share their e-mail address: The most of them will prefer to give you their e-mail address than their telephone number.
  • Attraction is a must-have: Your forms must be visually appealing and straightforward.
  • Don’t abuse the required fields: Users run away from a high number of required fields. Asking for a lot of info decreases your chance to conversion rate.
  • Multi-page forms to get a lot of info: A progress bar will be a powerful ally in case you need a tone of required info. Breaking the form into multiple steps feels as completing a task into different non-overwhelming phases. They only have to take one action for any of their details. And once they’ve started, they will feel more inclined to finish the form. Why? Because our brain does not handle comfortably unfinished tasks.
  • Visibility and action are keywords: Regarding your landing page conversion, the form placement plays definitely a major role.

Choose a charming CTA: Increase your conversion rate in landing pages

Whether your CTA is a form or a button, it has to be attractive and to stand out the most in your landing page. Its color, its size, and its message matter. As well as its clarity. Users must recognize their functions and their benefits readily. Regarding the color, the CTA must contrast to the background of your landing page.

Blue, orange, and green are excellent choices. It must be viewable, but not too big and not too small. It should grab the user’s attention, but without scaring them away. Once the beauty work is done, it’s the message’s turn to do the job. Use it wisely to improve your conversion rates.

Share the right message: Impact with your content

After achieving an attractive CTA, you must focus your attention on another relevant point to increase your conversion rates: The message. It should be simple and straightforward, but it should be persuasive as well. The first thing to take into account is its headline. This can be the difference between a user reading the whole message or not. Make it stunning and include it using a headline case. Don’t forget to make sure that it matches with your ad.

Of course, you decide on the message, and its primary goal is to make it impressive enough to convince users to stay and fill your form up. For instance, you can consider using a question, as they usually work well. Or you can choose any other choice. But always remember that the main objective is to leave the reader wanting more.

Keep in mind that content is the key to get conversions. You must give your users the info they want to get in your landing page. Your content has to get to the point and highlight the value proposition of your product.

Improve your CTA by testing it

Of course, the first step of your CTA is a great design. But only by checking and confirming you will have the best ideas to improve your conversion rate in landing pages. The most important thing is that you change just one characteristic per time to test it. If you change many details altogether, it will be complicated to know what the changes were and which were successful. For instance, you experiment with the font color of your CTA.

Does it work better being white or black? Regarding the message, apart from** being persuading and genuine**, it should be focused on what your users will get, instead of the action they have to do. Try to change verbs to “get” every time you can. And do everything you can to add value and relevance to your CTA, i.e., an arrow or a button.

Test your headlines and your subheads. And also the style options! For instance, a hover effect that changes the color of your button. As you might guess, A/B tests are a super powerful tool to test which option works better on your landing page. Use them

Lead your users with cues

What happens when you point to anything? People look instantly to where you are aiming, don’t they? Signals are you finger pointers in your landing page. They lead the attention of your users to wherever they are pointing. Using them can be very useful to attract them and achieve them to fill out your form.

Take into account that you have two types of cues. On the one hand, there are explicit cues. These are arrows to your form or button. They are direct cues which point directly to where you want your users to click on. On the other hand, there are implicit cues.

These are more subtle. Arrows and directional signs are not part of this group. An implicit cue is an image that suggests where the users should click. For example, an implicit signal can be an image of a character. Their eyes are pointing precisely to where you want the user to interact.

Make it fast

It’s a fact that users are not patient anymore. They don’t have the time, nor patience to wait for a webpage to upload. They will give it a few seconds top. If you want them to stay and fill your form out, make sure that the loading time of your landing page is fast and that it only needs a few seconds to load.

Consider adding details to improve engagement

Increasing your conversion rates in landing pages might involve improvements in the engagement of your users too. Apart from offering them amazing technological features, as a high loading speed, you can also improve human contact. On the one hand, taking into account that users value comments and recommendations of others, adding a section of client testimonials, reviews and endorsements might be a perfect idea.

Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing strategies. If you decide to add them, it’s essential to ask for personal testimonials. Potential clients won’t look at simple and easy comments or those who are written by you or your company’s employees. They will look for real, personal ones. Comments which are expressed in a natural way. A good idea might be asking the clients who recommend your products to publish their LinkedIn profile picture next to their comment. This action makes their remarks more reliable.

On the other hand, potential clients might have many questions to ask you. But they don’t want to pick up their phones and call you. They don’t like confronting salespeople who want to sell something to them in an aggressive way and not understanding their needs. They rather not send an e-mail as the answer might take a long time to come, and they hate wasting time.

For this reason, implementing a chat tool in your landing page to solve their doubts and questions can increase their engagement. What if we told you that this chat tool could also be a great way of getting new leads? There are many of them which allow you to know interesting data from your users, like their city, the time they have spent on your landing page…

Choosing one of these might be a fantastic way of getting the best of both purposes. Of course, as the idea is improving the engagement, it’s better for you not to ask for their data before the chat starts. Data will come later, as the conversation goes by.

What about you? What other ways of increasing your conversion rates do you know? Share them with us.


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